What Cooling Devices Must You Buy for Your Car?

3 May by Iggy Gwenevere

What Cooling Devices Must You Buy for Your Car?

Cooling devices for your car are as important as the cooling system for your home. Maxim Air technicians can install a cooling and heating system for the home. They are licensed to do air conditioning and ducted gas heating systems Sydney.

Mobile air conditioning for the car

The market for car accessories offers mobile air conditioning (and heating), particularly for hot and uncomfortable days.

Many manufacturers have not yet given thought to the heat build-up in small cars. The first prototypes of the mobile mini ventilation systems are gradually appearing for sale. The mobile air conditioning systems for the car are made to work via the cigarette lighter, usually have a water tank that promises up to eight hours of cooling, and can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard using different fastening systems.

What do you hear from them? Different. Some models draw a huge amount of energy and gasoline, others have a wobbly water tank that tends to spill, and others are quite noisy and uncomfortable. But others also get positive reviews. It’s definitely worth taking a look and you might find a good mobile air conditioner for the car.

Fans for the car

Another alternative to mobile air conditioning are mobile fans. The system is simpler and has been tried and tested for a long time. The ratings of the individual mobile fans as air conditioning systems for small cars and passenger cars are therefore somewhat more positive and better than those for the mobile air conditioning system as such.

The mobile fans are also made to run via the cigarette lighter. Some already come with a USB connection. In general, the fans are cheaper in terms of energy consumption. The cooling is of a different quality than that of the mini mobile air conditioning systems for the car.

Incidentally, there are also models of mobile fans that extend all the way to the back seat and even into the trunk, so even children, dogs, and cats, can get a bit of the cool breeze when the air gets back in the car.

Other remedies for cooling the car

Is there any other alternative that can help drive the heat out of the car? Lower all windows and drive through the roundabout a few times at speed. That ventilates the car pretty well and brings a lot of wind into the interior of the car.

A slightly different, but actually working idea is to work with a damp cotton handkerchief or a smaller towel. Do you remember those old handkerchiefs that Grandpa always wore in his pants? They are particularly suitable for the self-made mobile air conditioning system for the car. Moisten the handkerchief with cold water and stretch it in front of the ventilation. Turn it up and let it ventilate with cold, fresh air.

Incidentally, numerous dealers also offer the option of having your vehicle retrofitted and having a proper air conditioning system installed to match the vehicle model. This also increases the value of the vehicle if you ever think about selling the car.

Otherwise? Endure or let the car stand and let the fresh wind blow around your nose while cycling. Protects the environment and makes you slim.