Elon Musk’s Vision of Playing Minecraft While Driving a Tesla

4 Aug by Jaida Finnegan

Elon Musk’s Vision of Playing Minecraft While Driving a Tesla

Minecraft may be a phenomenon, with an estimated 112 million monthly players.

Tesla Dashboard


If you’ve had kids reception during isolation, the likelihood is you’ve seen many Minecraft at your house with support for nearly any device. It appears like that might change with Musk posting that he’s keen to urge it to work within the car.

The car already incorporates a decent list of games including RV Racing 2, Cuphead, and more, but adding a game as popular as Minecraft, a game where you can build houses and make a splash potion of weakness, would be something else.

While games are currently restricted to having the car in Park, Elon has suggested for the primary time that he would consider a game while the car is ‘driving safely’.

The ‘driving’ part of that means that we’re talking about humans still driving, not months or years away when the cars are fully autonomous. I’m keen to grasp more about how this might work.


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This actually bounces off previous community requests for Tesla to enable the external cameras on the middle display. The forward-facing camera may well be overlayed on the display with a digital layer out powerups, combined with audio effects.

To someone who has never driven the three, 5-hour drive down the Hume Highway from Wodonga to Melbourne on Autopilot, there’s really not lots for the motive force to try to, the car is largely doing it all. This implies a number of that available mental space can be used for fun little driving games while keeping things safe.

Tesla owners can already switch the satellite images of their car for the surface of Mars, however that doesn’t require your ongoing, especially with audio prompts for navigating the important world.

Interesting times ahead, but after driving my Model 3 today and not having your time down for speed bumps or cope with roundabouts. There do seem to be more pressing things that ought to air the agenda.