7 Reasons to Ditch the Car and Ride a Bike

31 Jul by Jaida Finnegan

7 Reasons to Ditch the Car and Ride a Bike

There’s a decent chance you would like to form cycling a part of your routine. However, it’s so hard leaving your car behind once you could reach your destination quickly.

Man riding a bike


The good news is, you’re not alone. Lots of individuals have that dilemma on whether to cycle or drive. If you’re within the same boat, today’s article will offer you more reasons why you would like to bike rather than driving a car.

Who knows, maybe by reading some benefits, you may get the motivation to ride a motorcycle. Okay, let’s dive right in.

1) Improve your physical well-being

It’s no secret that cycling improves your physical health and protects you from serious diseases like coronary failure, cancer, depression, diabetes, and other ailments.

This is the most point of employing a bicycle over a car. A car allows you to achieve your destination fast, but you’ll be in a very stationary position. Riding a bike exercises the core muscles of your body, making you burn more calories.

According to WHO, people who live sedentary lifestyles have a high chance of getting cardiovascular diseases, obesity, carcinoma, and high pressure.

2) Saves on fuel

According to Forbes, bike riders lay aside $4.6 billion p.a. riding a motorcycle rather than driving a car. Most bike riders go to sites such as pedaling.info and then spend $308 on bikes while car drivers spend $8,220 on their vehicle p.a. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Besides gas, you’ll save on automobile insurance, parking fees, oil changes, and other expenses that include keeping your car in tip-top shape. If you run the numbers, you may notice that you simply are saving plenty after you ride a motorcycle rather than owning a car.

3) Beat Traffic

If you reside in an exceedingly cosmopolitan town, you recognize that it’s hard to beat traffic within the morning when driving a car. However, once you are riding a motorcycle, it’s easy to maneuver from the traffic and reach your destination early.

The most efficient way of reducing congestion on the road is employing a bicycle for transport, mostly once you are covering short distances.

Since a bike’s speed is different from a car’s, it is sensible to get up early and begin cycling. That way, you’ll reach your destination much faster. There isn’t any way you may awaken at the identical time as a car driver, especially if you would like to be early at work.


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4) Riding a bike is Fun

Any cyclist connoisseur will tell you ways riding a bike is fun. Research from Mind Health states that cycling makes your body release endorphins, the hormones that make one feel good and counter stress within the body.

While driving a car can cause you to be happy, but you cannot compare it to biking. One thing I do know is, you cannot be sad when riding a bike, but you’ll be able to be sad driving a car. That’s because after you ride a motorcycle, you exercise your body and mind, which counter cortisol hormone.

Riding a car keeps you in a stationary position, making your mind wander lots, resulting in stress and anxiety. Cyclists are happy people, and if you wish to affix the club, buy a motorcycle and begin riding.

5) Saves the Environment

Do you know that cars are the leading reason for greenhouse emission emissions? In other words, cars pollute the air after they release monoxide, sulfur oxides, and other gases.

Bicycles don’t emit any gas within the air because they rely on your manpower to maneuver. Almost 70% of the journeys made by people within the US and UK are but eight kilometers short distances that might be employed by a bike rather than the car.

If you would like to scale back the atmospheric phenomenon on planet earth and save the environment, you’ll be able to ride a motorcycle rather than driving a car.

6) Cyclists make better partners.

You didn’t expect it. Let me explain. In keeping with most psychologists, partners who get bored with their current relationship cheat. Although cheating could be a habit, the general public stays within the relationship unless they mire emotionally or experience a sexual vacuum.

When one partner feels satisfied and happy, chances are high that, the opposite partner will imitate. Besides that, regular cycling boosts one libido, which implies there won’t be a requirement to go looking for an additional partner beyond your relationship.

7) You are more engaged

Riding a bike is more engaging than riding a car. As an example, riding a motorcycle while catching on social media news feeds is pretty hard. You’ll either need to stop your bike or continue riding. But that’s not all. You’ll also keep a note of your surroundings, which makes the ride unique on a daily basis.

If you’re driving a car, it’s quite hard to note even the small things happening in your surroundings, making you get bored using the identical route every day. Since a motorcycle keeps you engaged, you’re less likely to cause an accident than an individual driving a car.


With the explanations we’ve given above, it is smart for one to ride a motorcycle. We know it is a hard decision, but 1000 leagues’ journey begins with one step. You do not need to go cold turkey. You’ll start riding a motorcycle twice per week while you utilize a car for the remainder of the day.