What Should You Know About Towing Services

19 Apr by Jaida Finnegan

What Should You Know About Towing Services

If you were left behind in a car by the road, do you know what to do? You probably want this never to happen, but you should be prepared if so. If you’re stuck on the side of the road, calling a tow truck is usually the best option. The towing service is reliable and provides professional assistance in all situations. Learn a few things you need to know to understand towing services better.

Reasons for towing service 

You need towing service San Jose for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons drivers need towing services are: 

  •  Collisions with other vehicles 
  •  Overheated engine 
  •  Transmission error
  •  Empty gas tank 
  •  The car is clogged with ditches, mud, and snow 
  •  Flat tire 
  •  Battery jump starter You may also need towing service to lock your vehicle key. 

Types of vehicles that can be towed

If you are wondering if you can use the towing service for all types of vehicles, the answer is yes. In addition to all kinds of passenger cars, many towing companies also tow vehicle trailers, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Many towing companies also offer rugged towing services. Heavy towing include garbage trucks, buses, farm tools, motorhomes, and semi-trucks. Do you know the difference between a tow truck and a tow truck driver? Both the tow truck driver and the tow truck tow the vehicle. However, the tow truck driver is not allowed to repair any vehicle. On the other hand, Towing services pull the car and provide on-site repair and maintenance services.

Different types of tow trucks

The tow truck driver can safely tow any vehicle without damaging the towed vehicle with the correct tow truck. 

Knowing the cost of towing service

The cost of towing service is often between $ 75 and $ 125. This cost usually includes a $ 50 connection fee and the first 5-10 miles that a tow truck driver must drive when towing a vehicle. After the first 5-10 miles, tow truck drivers usually charge $ 2-4 per mile. If you need to tow a car 100 miles, it can cost up to $ 450. The cost of the towing service comes from the following factors:

  • Distance range 
  • Vehicle type 
  • Time 

Contact your car insurance company first before requesting a tow truck. If your car insurance includes towing, you may not have to pay anything.