Comprehending a Community’s Need for Towing Services

7 Feb by Grace Delma

Comprehending a Community’s Need for Towing Services

san jose roadwaysGenerally, every tow truck san jose communities rely on for roadside assistance and recovery, specializes in towing broken-down cars that need to be moved elsewhere. The dreaded tow truck operators are those accredited by the local government to remove and impound illegally parked cars. Others avoid the tow truck drivers hired by banks or financing companies because they are the ones tasked to repossess cars due to non-payment of related car loans.

Additionally, drivers of cars and other vehicles plying San Jose’s traffic corridors and roadways are confident that a trusted towing service provider is available 24/7. Whether a vehicle is in need of a simple battery jump start or replacement, a San Jose towing company will send a unit to aid a vehicle in distress. Termed as roadside assistance, the services offered include purchasing fuel and providing hauling service to transport a vehicle to a repair shop.

These descriptions denote that towing companies extend other services for varying purposes. The main goal is to clear the roads of obstructions that threaten road safety or obstacles that cause heavy traffic congestion.

While there are professional and reputable towing companies that commit to rendering satisfactory services, it’s also unfortunate that some use predatory techniques to increase their profits. Still, there are federal and state towing laws in place to settle disputes as well as punish predatory towing companies.

Yet there are certain towing activities that seem like predatory practices but are really not. This is especially true when a company has a contract with the local government to monitor areas in which illegally parked cars cause traffic congestion.

What Exactly is Predatory Towing in San Jose

Predatory towing in San Jose might be different from other states but in general similar across all communities in California. Mainly because predatory towing is defined by the boundaries of the state laws and of a company’s towing contract with a local government or owner of a private property.

A towing company performing towing activities that go beyond the law or of their towing contract is engaged in predatory towing. In most cases, they do so on a daily or on a regular basis.

no parking signagePredatory towing companies even use techniques like removing “No Parking” or “Tow Away Zone” signages to entrap car owners. The tow truck operator puts the signage back to show as reason for towing and impounding the car for illegal parking.

While there are guidelines that both motorists and towing companies must follow, confusion also stems from attempts of drivers to circumvent towing rules. They cite predatory towing as an excuse for their lapse of judgement by parking their car in a private property despite a conspicuously displayed Tow Away Zone signage.

Some motorists even resort to leaving notes on their windshield about being back in a jiffy. However, in some cases, the towing company that arrives at the scene came at the instigation of the property owner and therefore not at all predatory in nature.