Cars and Solar Panel Cleaning

27 Jun by Iggy Gwenevere

Cars and Solar Panel Cleaning

Historic vehicles and solar panel require a lot of care and maintenance. Many measures are necessary to protect the car and your solar panels. This includes the preparation for the long-standing time in winter. If you don’t want to go to the car wash, you can wash your car yourself.

Cars and solar panel: Exterior cleaning

First of all, you should remove coarse dirt and grime by hand, for example, leaves that are in the engine compartment in front of the windshield.

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Bird droppings, insects, tree sap, and others should be removed as soon as possible, as they can permanently attack the paint. For professional solar panels cleaning, you can make use of the services of solar panel cleaning gold coast.

Then you start with the actual exterior cleaning. The easiest way to remove salt, sand and coarse dirt is with the high-pressure cleaner. The pretreatment is significant so that the paint is not scratched during the subsequent cleaning.

It is important to keep a distance of at least 30 centimetres from all vehicle parts, otherwise, they can be easily damaged.

You can now wash with lukewarm water, a sponge, and car shampoo.

Then rub the paint dry with a chamois leather or microfiber cloth. Pay attention to the entrances, because these are often particularly dirty.

Wash wheels and rims

  • The easiest way to pretreat wheels and rims is with a high-pressure cleaner (not more than 60 degrees) and then clean them with a sponge and shampoo.
  • You can also use rim cleaner for stubborn dirt: Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then rinse off the cleaner and, if necessary, rework with the sponge.
  • The inside of the rims can of course only be cleaned if the wheels are removed.

Clean the interior of cars and solar panels

It starts with the thorough vacuuming of the interior. Be careful with plastics: the hard vacuum cleaner nozzle can leave scratches and marks on softer materials.

For the fittings: a special brand cleaner, a bucket of water and a microfiber cloth. It can also be used to clean seat cushions and fabric side panels.

A wet vacuum cleaner for cars helps with deep-seated dirt, which sprays the areas and immediately pulls the moisture out again, including the dirt.