Tips for selling a car quickly

11 Mar by Iggy Gwenevere

Tips for selling a car quickly

Selling the car quickly, it is quite a job. How do you best approach this? you should advertise to speed ​​up car sales by avoiding some major pitfalls.

One day you make the decision. You want to make a business like selling a car and you will be looking for a buyers. Nowadays you don’t get very far with a note behind the cars window. You reach many more potential buyers by offering cars for sale on the internet. To bring your car to the attention you need an advertisement that you can place.

3 important things that you should pay attention

Ad text

Selling a car is a process in itself, if you advertise. It is important to write compelling ad copy to attract potential buyers and to stand out from the wide range of online offerings. But with the ad text, mainly inexperienced internet users are going wrong. Texts are poorly put together and the car is not fully described: all kinds of things that prevent potential buyers from looking further and drop out prematurely. By carefully reading the text, you prevent the car from remaining unsold for an unnecessarily long time.

The secret of the ad text and a good asking price

Be as complete as possible in describing your car. The advertisement should answer all possible questions, it should create an image of the car and make potential buyers curious. So grab the instruction booklet or consult the internet for the options and equipment of the car. All details are worth mentioning. The height adjustment of the driver’s seat is of course not the most important option on a car, but if you have many of these types of options, the advertisement is more worthwhile for the potential buyer to view. It is important for readability that you use simple words, so that the text is accessible to everyone.


Research shows that the chance that you will sell the car faster and for a higher amount is no less than 80 percent higher if you add clear photos to your advertisement. Taking a few photos of your car under the carport at the beginning of the evening is therefore not the right approach. Rather wait a day before placing the ad and make sure your car looks tip-top in the photos. Drive through the car wash, tidy up the inside of the car, and on a clear day find a quiet spot with a neutral background to take several photos of the car. Stand diagonally in front of the car and take a photo that shows the side and the front of the car. Always take a photo with the doors open. You shoot several photos per position, so that you can make a good selection for the advertisement afterwards.

Starting with the car business is overwhelming. This video will explain the fundamentals of getting started in the car business.

Which website to advertise on?

You have decided to sell your car. You can list your car for sale on a general advertising website or on a dedicated car sales site. Of course you also have to provide the necessary attention. Use social media for this. or you can talk to ‘seo malaysia’ they will help you to increase your business revenue by By Outranking Your Competitors.