How Luxury Car Brands Leverages Fashion

24 Dec by Jaida Finnegan

How Luxury Car Brands Leverages Fashion

Without a doubt, exquisite and luxurious automobiles are works of art. The list is long when it comes to speed, beautifully crafted design, glamour, and the flashiness that sporty and classic vehicles exude. These characteristics, however, have been transformed into the fashion world over the years through collaboration with clothing lines.

The clothing industry has positively impacted car design, and the car brand has helped elevate the clothing industry and brands like lacrosse apparel — call it a symbiotic relationship. Automobile companies and clothing brands share similarities in design and protection; both use traditional methods to reveal their personal and unique qualities. 

A luxurious car and an appropriate outfit indicate a glamorous and influential life—two more classes that car manufacturers and clothing designers intend to provide to their customers.

These qualities, however, have been successfully created and distributed to stylish car enthusiasts through collaborative efforts between car brands and clothing lines. The Belstaff & McLaren collection and Mercedes-Benz clothing line are two notable examples.

Belstaff and McLaren collection

McLaren Automotive is a car manufacturer specializing in producing high-end cars in the Sports, Super, and Ultimate series. It is the McLaren conglomerate’s largest subgroup. On the other hand, the Belstaff clothing line is a century-old fashion designer group that has already established a foothold in producing excellently cut fabric designs for wealthy personalities.

These two groups share a common philosophy of creating unique and luxurious products. This collaboration produced ten pieces of men’s outerwear and three pieces of women’s clothing.

The Belstaff & McLaren Collection represents an unadulterated distillation of every customer’s requirements, created exquisitely. Every component of the product has its essence. He also revealed that the collection represents the qualities embedded in the McLaren and Belstaff DNA, making their collaboration a collaboration of like minds.

Rob Melville’s description adequately explained how their collaboration with Belstaff clothing had produced the best results for their car brand and clothing line, particularly regarding their individual beliefs. 

Mercedes-Benz Collectibles

Mercedes-Benz is a globally recognized automotive company that manufactures a range of luxurious, high-performance vehicles. As their car products have been top-tier in the vehicle market, their clothing line has become popular.

The Mercedes-Benz collection includes sporty jackets and polo shirts, as well as a variety of accessories such as water-resistant masculine wristwatches, backpacks, scarves, and more. Mercedes-Benz jackets have been fashionably designed as dynamic cloth for countryside outings or city journeys.

 A back yoke, split cuffs, and striped ribs complete the look. The Cabriolet jacket and the Black Rain jacket are examples of these jackets. Both have the Mercedes-Benz design logo and exude qualities in fashionable styles.

On the other hand, polo shirts are made to fit every style as a classic product. The men’s polo shirt is made of appealing cotton pique and features a collar and off-neck bands. It also has a cool Mercedes star logo badge at the font and Mercedes-branded buttons.

Finally, the clothing from the Mercedes-Benz collection and the Belstaff & McLaren Collection has demonstrated a symbiotic relationship between luxury car brands and the fashion world, which has undoubtedly elevated the two industries above par.