6 Anime That Feature the Coolest Cars

24 Jul by Jaida Finnegan

6 Anime That Feature the Coolest Cars

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86


In this article, we will introduce six anime carefully selected by the CIATR editorial department that features cool scenes of cars. Not only is the theme of the work about cars, but the actual car models that exist are depicted realistically in animes that you can find in Anime Sub Indo, and you can feel the maker’s commitment to the car. It is staged to make the coolness of the car stand out more. This is a work that I chose with this kind of perspective in mind.

Along with what kind of car models will appear in the work, we will introduce the charm of each. The work has a strong commitment to cars, and the depiction of mechanics other than cars is also very polite. On the other hand, he is also good at bold and powerful directing, such as running scenes, and there is momentum throughout the work. It is recommended when you want to be refreshed.

1. “Initial D”

“Initial D” is a work that depicts the battle of runners in a mountain pass. The protagonist is Takumi Fujiwara, the son of a tofu shop, who has been driving “Hachiroku” or “AE86 Sprinter Treno” since he was a junior high school student for delivery. His first opponent, Keisuke Takahashi, who would later become his teammate and good rival, rides the FD3S Anfini RX-7 with its yellow body color. These two cars were also owned by the original author, Shuichi Shigeno, and are particularly active in the work. The highlight of this film is the running scene at the pass. Keiichi Tsuchiya and other real racing drivers participated in the recording of running sounds. The actual engine sound is used. In addition, by drawing the car body with 3DCG, the detailed design and the habit of movement for each model are faithfully reproduced. The more you are familiar with cars, the more you can enjoy the details of the work, and it works for car lovers.

2. “Gulf Midnight”

“Gulf Midnight” is a story depicting a battle on a public road at the Tokyo Metropolitan Highway. At the center of it all is the tuned “Fairlady Z (S30 type)” called “Devil’s Z” that no one has been able to ride before. The main character, Akio Asakura, meets this demon Z and eventually becomes his only sidekick. In the anime version, the staff of “Initial D Forth Stage” gathered. Supervised by racing driver Keiichi Tsuchiya, similar methods such as the use of realistic running sounds and reproduction in 3DCG are used in this work. Tatsuya Shima, the protagonist’s rival and nicknamed “Blackbird”, is a “Porsche 911”. Reina Akiyama, a female R rider who is fascinated by Z and Akio, rides the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Originally, the battle on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, where cars never cease, is a setting unique to fiction. It’s a film that numbs me to the coolness of the devil Z running through the city.

3. “Capeta”

“CAPETA” is a work that depicts the growth and competition of Heita Hirakatsu, a boy named Kapeta, who rises to the occasion in the world of motorsports. The protagonist has a genius talent but is not financially privileged. In order to continue motorsport, in addition to one’s own ability, it is necessary to have sponsors and supporters. It is a rare work that touches on the severity and actual situation of the motorsports world. The race scene uses 3DCG. The bold compositions and powerful frames are drawn by author Masato Soda in the manga are also dynamically expressed in the anime. The fun as a human drama about the parent-child love and friendship surrounding Capeta is also attractive, but it is a work that has been completed as a spokesperson with the theme of motorsports.


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4. “Jörmungandr”

The gun action anime “Jörmungand” depicts the days of arms dealer Coco Hekmatial and her nine private soldiers. Because it is a story of an arms dealer, this work is popular for its precise reproduction of firearms, but in fact, it is a finish that you can feel the attention to detail in the drawing of the car. There are several cars they use, and the “Volvo S Family” and the “Honda CR-V” appear. It is often wrecked in battle, and the successor to the CR-V is the “Volkswagen Touareg” from episode 14. The scene where Hugo, who is often in charge of driving, was happy to cry when he received the key is impressive. The car in which Coco and the main enemy are riding is depicted so closely that the vehicle type can be identified, even if only a part of the body is shown. This anime is fun not only for weapons but also for car models.

5. “City Hunter”

“City Hunter” depicts the activities of Shinjuku-based first-class sweeper (cleaner) Tsubasa. The most famous car that appears in this work is his favorite car “Mini Cooper 1275S”. The bright red body is a cute car, but it is a car that runs powerfully. Even in the anime, the bold way through the streets of Shinjuku is impressive. In addition to the Mini Cooper, the Fiat Uno Turbo also frequently appears as a second car. The green coloring on the square body is eye-catching. In the original manga, “Autobianchi A112” and “Honda CR-X” also appeared. Classic cars give a unique atmosphere to the urban streetscape and help create a stylish mood for this work.

6. “Lupin III” Series

Lupin III, the protagonist of the Lupin III series, is one of the anime characters with exceptional driving skills. It is mentioned in the anime that he has an international A-class license, and there are many cool scenes in the car, such as participating in the F1 Grand Prix and engaging in outrageous car chases. He often wrecks in the film, but he owns a lot of cars. For example, the “Mercedes-Benz SSK” appeared in the first TV series, and the “Fiat 500” appeared in “Lupin III: Cagliostro’s Castle”. In the second series, “Alfa Romeo 6C1750 Gransport” and in “Lupin III: Lupin vs. Replica Man”, “Mini Cooper” appeared. In addition to this, many other cars that appear in only one episode are also a feature of this work. Including movements that cannot be done with actual cars, it is a work that is very good at watching cars like an anime.

The anime in which the car appears is exhilarating! I fell in love with the detailed description and the cool car model

We introduced 6 anime works featuring cool cars. In each case, just as the car accelerates, the work itself has a sense of speed. In addition to the running scenes, all of the works are addictive to the exhilaration that is consistent throughout the work. It is precisely when you feel a sense of stagnation that you want people to enjoy while falling in love with the depiction of cars.