Child Safety In The Garage & Toddler Play Yard

1 Jan by Iggy Gwenevere

Child Safety In The Garage & Toddler Play Yard

The garage and garden can be a new play area for the child. When going outside, increased vigilance is required.

When playing ball on the lawn, everything is fine. Exercise is always good and the risk of having an accident is low. However, it rises even more once the trees to climb or the tool shed to rummage around or hide in are discovered.

Toddler Play Yard

Toddler Play Yard: Preventive and precautionary measures when playing in the garage

  • Keep dangerous equipment or products such as out of the reach of children and clean them up immediately after use. Set up a storage option at a height for toxic products and dangerous small tools.
  • Give your child plastic tools so they can help you in the garden.
  • Lock the garage and the car.
  • Don’t leave your child alone with a dog, even if it’s a family pet.

How parents avoid accidents and ensure more child safety in the garage and toddler play yard

Climbing frames, swings, seesaws and slides are to be anchored in the ground so that they are child-proof during assembly and their stability is to be checked regularly.

When planting in the garden, seek advice from a specialist so as not to accidentally reach for a poisonous plant. There are enough plants that look beautiful and are non-toxic.

To prevent accidents, it is best to secure the garage with a fence and non-slip shore reinforcements.

Garden sheds in which dangerous equipment, ladders and toxic substances are stored must be locked off in a childproof manner. It is just as important to put away these devices and resources immediately after use and not to leave them in the garage.

Garden hoses are a trip hazard when lying around. To avoid accidents, roll the hose back onto the drum immediately after use.

Basic rules for more child safety in the garage and toddler play yard

Trees offer natural climbing fun if you have them in your garden. However, for toddlers, it is always good to just let them stay in your toddler play yard. This will keep them safe. Going outside in the garage and in the garden can really be fun for toddlers but make sure to follow preventive measures.