Using Storage Facility to Keep Cars

5 Oct by Fiona Unice

Using Storage Facility to Keep Cars

Having access to storage facility in Brighton and Hove is a good thing. However, if you are using it to keep your car, then you need to know a few things to ensure that it will not get damage throughout the time it is inside the storage unit.

Important Considerations for a Car Storage

To be sure that you will get the most protection for your vehicle when putting it in the storage unit, here are few things that must be taken into account.


Whenever you store your car in the self-storage unit, you want to have that sense of confidence that the facility provides top security. Some of the security features that you want to see are:

  • Electronic gate access
  • Video surveillance
  • Onsite manager

Of course, there are other security features that can be added but above examples should be your basis.

Access Hours

The convenience provided by the storage units to access your car whenever you need it is also another consideration. There might be instances when you need to take your car during odd hours and the facility must be able to provide you that option.

Local Weather

Weather in your location also plays a role in which kind of car storage unit you must pick. For instance, if you are in a state where it constantly experiences harsh weather or storms, then it is smart to store the car inside a storage unit that is strong enough to protect it from such circumstances.

Storage Types Available

With outdoor and indoor storage, it provides enough protection and space for cars. In the next lines, we are going to talk about how these two differ from each other.

Indoor Car Storage

Indoor car storage comes in varying sizes. It lets you store anything from commercial cargo vans, pickup trucks or compact sedans. Common storage units are 10×15, 10×20 and 10×25.

Outdoor Car Storage

Say that you are living in a place with remarkable and bearable weather or perhaps, prefer a unit that is more affordable for the budget, then outdoor car storage will be a wise move.