Tips and Guidelines When Traveling with Your Hedgehog

5 Dec by Dunstan Dawson

Tips and Guidelines When Traveling with Your Hedgehog

Hedgehog is one of those rare animal that people choose to take care of. People who choose to have a hedgehog aside from other animals, believe that hedgehog is very useful when it comes to targeting pests that ruin their gardens. However, hedgehog has a weak eyesight which is why they depend on their other senses such as hearing and smelling. With this, a lot of house members are treating hedgehog as a family member as well and treating it similar to dogs.

In the present day, it is not surprising to hear other people saying that they will travel with their hedgehog. It is no longer a big deal because a lot of people do this. But for those who are first timers when it comes to taking care of hedgehogs, traveling with such animal is not that simple. Also, it is not similar with traveling with a dog, for example. In addition to that, hedgehog looks like something that is easy to take care of and to bring to travel since they are very small, quiet, and they are just sleeping most of the time. However, the best place for every hedgehog is your home. No matter how much clingy you are with your pet, it is still not advisable to take them to trips. But if you are just travelling locally by car, it is fine to take them. Just make sure that you will bring a nice hedgehog cage. If you are looking for a hedgehog cage, here’s an amazing article.

If you think that it is really necessary to take your hedgehog with you it is important to know few things about travelling with a hedgehog. One thing you must consider is climate change. It is very important because hedgehogs are animals that have extreme sensitivity to a sudden change in temperature. Like what I have mentioned earlier, a high quality cage is necessary for this. Also, you should first confirm if the destination you are about to bring your hedgehog to legally allows such animal. It is advisable that prior to exposing your hedgehog to longer trips, try bringing it to short trips first.