Sparkly Clean: Cleaning your Car

20 Apr by Iggy Gwenevere

Sparkly Clean: Cleaning your Car

Do you regularly wash your car, which is indispensable for commuting and driving? If you proceed with the car wash in the wrong procedure, there will be a difference in the finish, such as water stains and small scratches. If you use your time and physical strength to wash your car, you want to efficiently finish it with a shiny body.

Is there a problem with a car wash machine?

The most common methods of car washing are hand washing and the use of a car wash machine. All car wash machines are automatic so you won’t get your hands dirty, but they can be scratched because they are washed with strong water pressure and a special brush. In addition, there are many cases where the car cannot be washed only near the rearview mirror and rear wiper, and partial dirt is also noticeable.

Need new curtains, blinds, upholstery?

If you want to wash your car efficiently, hand washing is the best choice. However, if you wash your car by hand using the wrong procedure, dirt and scratches will be noticeable, so be careful.

Let’s prepare the necessary tools for hand washing and car washing
Get the tools you need to wash your hands efficiently.

  • Car wash detergent (neutral detergent)
  • Large bucket
  • Hose with shower head
  • Car wash sponge (one large and one small)
  • 3 towels (microfiber towel for car wash)
  • Clay cleaner (for removing iron sand from cars)

Detergent is a necessary tool for car washing.

Most dishwashing detergents are neutral detergents, but since they were not developed with car paint or coating in mind, paint peeling or stains may remain.

The force is gentle

The body of a car is so delicate that scratches and dents are noticeable with a little force. Also, depending on the detergent used for cleaning, the body paint may float or discolor. When cleaning or wiping the sponge, do not rely on force, but wash the car with gentle force.

After washing the car, apply coating or wax

To keep your body shiny, clean it with a coating or wax after washing the car. The coating has the effect of making it harder for the car to get dirty and making it easier to remove it when washing the car. Waxing at the same time prevents dirt from adhering and gives gloss to the body paint, so you can keep your car clean.

To a shiny body with the correct procedure for car washing

The procedure for washing the car looks easy, but in fact, if you do it the wrong way, water stains and scratches will be noticeable and the finish will not be clean. Cars are easily affected by dirt and iron powder, and if left unattended, dullness and rust will appear, so regular car washing is essential.