Simple Steps To Proper Car Care

9 May by Deena Elaina

Simple Steps To Proper Car Care

When replacing your roof or installing new ones in your, it is crucial that you hire top roofing contractors as they specialize in the building, installation as well as weatherproofing of all types of roofs. Professional roofers have the relevant skill and expertise to properly and accurately align the shingles, gables and other roofing materials and to ensure they are correctly installed and sealed to prevent leaks as well as better serve its purpose which is to protect people from various weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow.

proper car careThe way you maintain your roof is how you should maintain the exterior of your car as well. Like your roof, proper care for your car is crucial and necessary whether or not your car is new.

Simple Car Paint Care

The steps are simple but may require some time, especially on older cars, to ensure every you give your car get that care it needs. Below are five simple steps to follow to ensure your car is protected and get that perfect shine.

  1. WASH AND RINSE. Of course, the very first step to get that shine is to wash your car thoroughly to remove dirt, mud and grime. Make use of good quality car wash products such as car shampoo, wash mitt and drying towels made of microfiber to avoid swirl marks. Knowing how to properly wash your car would help your get better outcomes.
  2. CLAY. Clean your car paint with detailing clay to get rid of surface contamination that has already bonded and stuck to the car paint which couldn’t be removed with a regular car washing. Whether or not your car is new, all cars are susceptible to surface contamination.
  3. POLISH. Polishing your care removes the blemishes in your car paint, staining as well as improve the overall shine. Car blemishes or defects are usually from poor car washing processes or incorrect use of machine polishers. If your car is new, there may not be any blemishes to remove, however you still need to apply a pre-wax cleaner to prepare your car for paint protection and shine.
  4. PROTECT. To protect your car, from different environmental elements, weather conditions as well as premature aging, apply a car wax, car paint sealant or car paint protectant. While these products are the similar to each other and serve the same purpose – car paint protection – some products are better than others. So, look for something that is more “advanced” at protecting our car paint.