Everyday Driving Tips For Pregnant Women

15 Nov by Iggy Gwenevere

Everyday Driving Tips For Pregnant Women

Some women still drive a car while pregnant. But is this really safe? Here are everyday driving tips for all moms to be out there.

When pregnant some of the daily activities can certainly be done, including driving a car. So it should not be a problem. However, of course, it’s much safer if someone drives. This is important because pregnant women (pregnant women) tend to get tired more quickly. Especially in early pregnancy, pregnant women often experience nausea. Not to mention the occurrence of physical and mental changes in pregnant women, such as an enlarged abdomen and uncertain mood. This can make driving more dangerous. Well, here are some tips for pregnant women while driving a car.

Always use the seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is mandatory when driving, especially for pregnant women. Seat belts must be placed as far away from the stomach as possible, to avoid stress on the fetus. Make sure to attach the belt close to the pelvis. In addition, half of all possible serious injuries to the fetus in case of an accident can be prevented by wearing a seat belt properly. Without this safety device, the mother’s stomach can directly hit the steering wheel.

Keep the stomach about 25cm away from the steering wheel

Shifting the chair away from the wheel helps prevent injury in the event of an accident if the bottom of the steering wheel is in direct contact with the belly of a pregnant woman. Although this is not always possible because some pregnant women have smaller stomachs than others, or pregnant women may sit closer to the steering wheel to reach the pedals. If the stomach is directly above the steering wheel, it is safer to stop driving temporarily.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes, flat shoes and drive comfortably

As in other normal circumstances, pregnant women are advised to wear shoes that are flat and comfortable when driving. It is also recommended to increase the safety distance to avoid sudden maneuvers or unpleasant surprises. Also, you should stop often, and it is advisable not to travel far. Constant hunger and the need to go to the bathroom frequently are common to most pregnant women. So, it is advisable to stop frequently, and take advantage of a walk to activate blood circulation.

Position the chair correctly

There is a big difference between driving during the first trimester of pregnancy and between four to nine months. For this reason, it is important to adjust the position of the seat while driving. Adjust the position of the chair as flat as possible and make sure the sitting position is also correct.

When should pregnant women stop driving?

There is no explicit prohibition on when to stop driving if the pregnancy is healthy. However, pregnant women must do ‘common sense’ and stop driving when they no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel. Usually, pregnant women begin to stop driving in the final months of their pregnancy, because of discomfort due to an increasingly large stomach.