Criteria when choosing a vehicle

21 Feb by Iggy Gwenevere

Criteria when choosing a vehicle

Once the pre-selection has been made with the help of the car label, it is worthwhile to analyze exactly what the dream vehicle should do and to put old driving and usage habits to the test. Vehicle class, model and equipment significantly influence the expenditure on fuel and vehicle tax of the desired vehicle.

Criteria to consider when deciding to buy a car

Vehicle class

Size and weight have the greatest influence on the consumption of a vehicle. Therefore, personal needs should be viewed critically. For example, if you want enough space and lots of storage space, you might be better off with a station wagon than with an SUV. The station wagon is just as spacious, but up to a ton lighter. This means that it consumes up to five liters less per 100 kilometers than a heavy off-road vehicle. It is good to do my assignment as soon as possible when choosing the desired vehicle.

Vehicle model

Once the right vehicle class has been found, the most efficient car possible should be selected. A lot of drivers have their favorite brand, but it is worth comparing models from different manufacturers. The differences in fuel consumption can be one to two liters per 100 km. Fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions are shown in absolute figures on the car label and can be easily compared at a glance.


Once you have decided on a specific vehicle model, the equipment makes the difference. The basic rule when choosing the engine is less displacement – less consumption. In addition, Turbochargers and direct injection can lessen fuel consumption. By the way, anyone who uses a smaller engine does not have to forego driving fun. Even more important than the engine power is the torque of the vehicle.

Special features in the equipment such as all-wheel drive, wide tires or roof rails can significantly increase consumption and thus maintenance costs. The equipment features of a vehicle are not recorded by the car label and are also not part of the information of the manufacturer on consumption. But since they have an enormous influence on fuel consumption, they should be selected carefully.