Cleaning Your Home Carpet And Your Car Carpet

2 Dec by Deena Elaina

Cleaning Your Home Carpet And Your Car Carpet

A lot of homeowners have carpets installed in their homes since it offers a sense of comfort and style. Although a carpet seems to be a great option for flooring, it is imperative and a necessity to take proper care of your carpet with regular cleaning and maintenance. Accompanied by frequent vacuuming as well as spot cleaning, having your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaner is of equal importance.

Cleaning Your Carpet

While you could clean your carpet on your own, washing it can be a laborious task whereas drying it may take some time especially if you don’t have an area or the tools for it to dry quickly. When in Brisbane, an emergency carpet drying in Brisbane might just be your only solution. Not only will they dry your carpet right away, but also do the whole process of cleaning and washing the carpet for you.

Having your carpet cleaned by professionals at least once in a year is beneficial as it promotes a healthier home. Below are three major advantages:

  • Proper and routine carpet cleaning eradicates trapped pollutants
  • It can clear out and prevent infestations of dust mite infestations
  • It helps to inhibit mold growth

Washing Your Car Carpet

If cleaning the carpet in your home is important and beneficial, doing the same thing for your car carpet is imperative. However, this chore is something that is frequently disregarded and ignored by car owners. This task is also at times left for professional car cleaners to do even if the chore isn’t that hard to do.

By knowing how to clean your car carpet, you not only make it smell good, but also make it look good and last longer. So, here are important steps to take to clean and maintain your car carpet.

  • Prepare the Interior of your Car. Clear out loose items in your car including under the car seats. Remove floor mats and get rid of loose debris or dirt by vigorously shaking them. Vacuum the seats, under the pedals, and the crevices.
  • Get Rid of Carpet Stains. After thoroughly cleaning the interior of your car, remove the stains in your carpet by scrubbing it with a quality car carpet shampoo. Don’t use too much though as car carpet don’t dry easily and extra moisture will encourage mold growth. Hence, make certain the car carpet is completely dry.
  • Clean your Car Mats. If your car mats are made from fabric, wash it like you did with the car carpet.