Benefits of Reddit in Your Business

1 Dec by Dunstan Dawson

Benefits of Reddit in Your Business


Reddit is a social news site that enables users to debate and vote on user-submitted material. Reddit developed “karma” points to aid in site administration and stop spammers from inundating readers.

By having their comments and links upvoted by other members of the community, users gain karma. Reddit users are likely to continuously downvote you if you spam the site with irrelevant stuff. As a result, Reddit will start limiting how frequently you may upload material to the website.

The best part about Reddit is that it has tiny communities called sub-Reddits that connect individuals based on shared interests. The subjects covered by these sub-Reddits range from juggling to teaching English.

The methods utilized by well-known sub-Reddits to develop their communities are listed below.

1: Promote user contributions

Reddit is a place to engage with your audience rather than a platform to shout your message at them.

The sub-Reddit of the well-known auto program Top Gear refers to its fans as “petrol nuts” and encourages them to post their favorite vehicle photographs in order to increase interaction.

This sub-Reddit community chooses the best image each week and posts it in the sidebar of their sub-Reddit, along with the name of the individual who submitted it.

2. Calendar and News

It’s easy. Advocates and fans of a brand are constantly interested in the newest information and forthcoming activities.

Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball club, for instance, are interested in learning the team’s schedule, position in the NL East, and other important details. By include a league rating board and an up-to-date calendar in the sidebar, the Phillies sub-Reddit achieves this.

To make sure your followers are informed, think about incorporating some of the following into your sub-Reddit sidebar.

3. Conduct interviews

Interviews with the cast of the television program were conducted by the Breaking Bad sub-Reddit to engage its audience. The most frequently asked questions on Reddit were addressed by the performers themselves.

By continually doing this, the community not only expanded in numbers but also in cohesiveness as the barrier between performer and fan was broken down.