5 Tricks To Sell Second-Hand Car At A High Price

16 Nov by Iggy Gwenevere

5 Tricks To Sell Second-Hand Car At A High Price

The desire to renew a vehicle is often done by selling old cars. Well, here are some tricks that you can make as a guide to selling cars at high prices.

Remember, don’t because you want to change the car, then you tend to be in a hurry to take it off. Do not let you regret later, because the price you set was not comparable to the selling price it should be.

In order to prevent this from happening, here are 5 tips that you can follow to keep the selling price of your car high, as taken from various sources:

Tips to Selling Your Used Car For a Higher Price Than Expected

1. Wash the machine and clean the glass

Before you promote, of course, it must be believed to be true about the quality of the engine and cleanliness maintenance. For washing machines, it should be done in a dealer who used to serve or the best workshop you know. Likewise, for body and glass cleanliness, you should choose the best service.

2. Clean the interior

Usually, the seat is the first concern when prospective buyers see the car they will buy. Before you promote, the seat should be cleaned of mold. If the seat is torn, buy a more appropriate seat cover. Don’t forget to go to the car salon and clean the inside more professionally. If necessary, also give perfume in it.

3. Promote through various media

In addition to promoting it by word of mouth, you should also promote it through social media (social media). Consider creating a video of your car for sale to show the interior and exterior of the car. Upload it on Youtube too (how to buy youtube views). Offer at a “reasonable” price, according to the selling price that should be. For those of you who promote it through social media, you can also download photos of your car. Here, your expertise is needed to promote it through photos, by downloading interesting parts of your car, so potential buyers are interested. Don’t forget the caption that is interesting, like “the car is still smooth, without putty” or “routine maintenance and never an accident” and others.

4. Show routine maintenance history

After there are prospective buyers who are interested and will check the car, prepare a history of routine maintenance that you do so far. Usually, the price can be higher if treatment is done at an authorized dealer.

5. Don’t rush to take off

It’s best not to rush your car off. Meeting some prospective buyers is more recommended than you let go, because you already feel comfortable. You must be vigilant with unscrupulous traders, who look for prices as low as possible, even though he knows that your car is worth the high price. Look for potential buyers who most deserve your car, and this will only be known after you meet with several candidates.