3 Forums Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

1 Jul by Jaida Finnegan

3 Forums Every Car Enthusiast Should Know



Car is everything – a necessity, a hobby, an expensive affair, and a science in itself. And because there is a lot to discuss on all these car topics, aside from all the discussion you can read on Reddit (which anyone can get upvote boosts using a paid serve – case study here), our top 3 car forums on the Internet enjoy undivided attention. Whenever it comes to questions and answers about the German favorite child, Motor-Talk, Motory, and the BMW-Treff come on the scene with a self-supporting community. Who are the three? What makes it special and why do you like to be used – and by whom?


Motor-Talk is one of the veterans of the car forums on the Internet and is now – after 15 years of online presence – much more than just that. It is not without reason that the name is boasted as the largest motor vehicle and motorcycle community in Europe because here you will find undecided first-time buyers as well as motorsport professionals and tuning enthusiasts. Everyone goes hand in hand here, hotly discussing used and new cars, the meaning, and purpose of hybrids, or discussing the most fuel-efficient car in the world. With around 2.5 million members, there are hardly any vehicle-related topics that the Motor-Talk community does not cover. The former forum has developed into a complete motor portal, which in addition to test reports, news, and current blog posts also has a magazine character. The first point of contact is Motor-Talk for anyone who wants to learn in any way about the topic of cars or motorcycles.


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Motory is also a jack of all trades among the automotive platforms on the Internet. Here, too, expert support is provided in a neat forum manner, but there is a small, subtle difference that makes this website a pioneer in terms of auto & web. Not the user, but actually the vehicle of the user is in the foreground. The website is reminiscent of a kind of social network for your car – but it’s much more than that. In this way, used cars that have their own profile receive complete service documentation from the owner. In this way, realistic treasures of experience on vehicles can be gained, which are much clearer and easier to handle than long forum threads. The highlight: Profiles of sold vehicles can be taken over by the new owner, which ultimately makes Motory what it wants to be: a platform on the Internet that accompanies an entire car life.

BMW Meeting

BMW-Treff is a representative of one of many specialized car forums on the Internet. As the name anticipates, everything here revolves around the vehicles and motorcycles of the Bavarian vehicle manufacturer. In general, experience and exchange on certain models can also be obtained in larger forums such as Motortalk or Autoplenum, but specialized to the last sealing ring of a long-discarded BWM, you are guaranteed to find expert advice in these forums, if it is no longer available anywhere else.