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Not paying attention for a moment – and a small everyday situation has already become a moment of danger. Even getting out of the car is part of it: Is the way behind us really free? Or is a bicycle or a car just coming? Everyone has certainly forgotten the look backwards. Well, if nothing happened then. But there’s a simple trick that will always make you look backwards in the future. You can find out how to prevent everyday dangers in road traffic here.

Always shoulder-to-shoulder

The shoulder view when turning is often forgotten, but is mandatory – and at least twice. At confusing intersections you should turn around even more often, so as not to overlook a cyclist. Electronic assistants do not change this.

Always open the car door with the right

Suddenly, the door opens: for the flowing traffic, this can mean a risky situation. Even the exit is endangered if he has not looked backwards before. You can avoid this danger with a simple means: open the driver’s door only with your right hand. This is because you automatically take a look at your shoulder, as you have to turn your head to the left.

Cyclists overtaking

Those who overtake cyclists must maintain sufficient safety distance: cars are subject to a minimum of 1.50 meters, a minimum distance of 90 meters from speed and a minimum distance of two meters for trucks. Those who cannot keep the distance, for example because of oncoming cars, have to wait behind the cyclist for an opportunity. Otherwise, there is a risk of a complaint of coercion or endangering traffic.

Driving onto the motorway

From the accelerating lane directly to the fast lane – this is very dangerous and can have legal consequences. When entering the motorway, you must first fit into the traffic flow of the normal lane. This allows you to get an overview of the situation for yourself, and other motorists can also adjust to you.

If you instead pull directly into the left lane, you not only risk a serious accident, but you will also be liable on his own. Judges will say that he acted in breach of his care.

Overtaking on the highway only at 700 meters of visibility

Many accidents on country roads occur during overtaking because two distances are underestimated: the distance of oncoming traffic and the visibility. Only with a view of at least 700 meters can you safely overtake – this corresponds to 14 guide posts on the roadside.

It hardly makes sense anyway: Ideally, you save ten percent of the travel time by overtaking. That’s just one and a half minutes for a distance of 20 kilometers.

Avoiding wild accidents

Not just with a game change sign: Always expect an animal to enter the roadway outside of cities and places. Drive at night with high beam as long as you do not disturb oncoming traffic. This allows you to recognize wild animals at an early stage by the light reflection of their eyes. If you spot game on the side of the road, the headlights will fade away.

Brake off unless the traffic behind you is compromised and keep the steering wheel straight. Do not avoid the game in case this could endanger yourself and oncoming traffic.

Don’t use every gap in traffic jams

Congestion is not fun for anyone. Constantly changing lanes because a gap is just clearing? In the end, you won’t get there any faster. On top of that, this is dangerous because it allows you to quickly provoke a rear-end collision. Because in traffic jams, the attention of motorists is often close to standstill. This is why the following applies to all motorists: keep as calm as possible in traffic jams – and always think of the emergency lane.


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